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Trio No.1, Reaching -- First six pages of score....Full score available on request...

...excerpt from program notes...
Reaching was commissioned by the University of Nebraska for their 2006 Summer Chamber Music Institute, where I was among several guest composers in residence. When allowed to briefly speak before the premiere of the piece, I told the famous story of "crabs in bucket" -- "It is said that those who fish for crabs rarely feel the need to cover the bucket in which they deposit their catch. This is because once a poor hapless crab realizes the potential for escape and tries to make a break for it, the crabs beneath him reach up and pull him back down again. Therefore it is said that "people are like crabs in a bucket."

As composers we cannot help but reflect the best and worst times of our lives in our music. The beginning of Summer 2006 saw me in one of the most difficult times of my young life, a time when dreams were shattered and blind perseverance was the only option. Thankfully I had a commission to complete during this difficult time, and the short frame during which I had to complete this work really allowed me to pour myself fully into composing. It was a merciful commission for me, and one that helped me save something essential within myself.

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